Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Departures: L.A. River

For those who think the L.A. River is little more than the car race scene in the movie Grease, check out Departures: L.A. River. This comprehensive, multi-media production by KCET is a fascinating journey down the 52-mile river. Take in the sights, sounds and history of the City's birthplace through the eyes of those, including Councilmember Reyes, who share their lives with the L.A. River.

The Councilman recalls fond memories of the Narrows part of the River by Elysian Valley. As a child, he, his brothers and friends, climbed down the L.A. River's concrete lip to "their private beach.” Environmentalists, journalists, homeless, skaters, artists and others also talk about their favorite River spots.

To comment on the Departures: L.A. River production, click on the link below. They would really appreciate it. http://kcet.org/local/departures/la_river/