Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Los Angeles Becomes Largest City to Boycott Arizona

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May 12, 2010

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LOS ANGELES BECOMES LARGEST CITY TO BOYCOTT ARIZONALos Angeles City Council today approves Reyes-Hahn Motion to suspend travel to state and end business with Arizona

Los Angeles became the largest city to boycott Arizona after the Los Angeles City Council today approved a motion proposed by Councilmembers Janice Hahn and Ed P. Reyes to end business with Arizona.

“Bad things happen when good people don’t stand up and speak out, and that’s exactly why 13 members of the Los Angeles City Council stood together today,” said Hahn, after the motion passed by a 13-1 vote. “We are sending a message, loud and clear, that we will not tolerate a law which breeds fear and discrimination.”

“Los Angeles is the second largest city in this country, an immigrant city, an international city. It needs to have its voice heard,” Reyes said. “As an American, I cannot go to Arizona today without a passport. As an American, I am offended that I can’t feel comfortable traveling in my country without fear of falling victim to racial profiling. Whatever one’s feeling might be about the undocumented, no American should ever have to feel that threat.”

The Reyes-Hahn motion specifically calls for the City of Los Angeles, and all of its departments, to:

· Immediately suspend travel to Arizona to conduct City business.
· Direct City Departments to refrain from entering into any new or amended contracts to purchase goods or services from any company that is headquartered in Arizona.
· Instruct the City Administrative Officer to identify which contracts can be terminated immediately.

The proposal could affect a portion of the City’s more than $56 million in contracts with Arizona-based companies. Los Angeles joins Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston and other cities nationwide in calling for an economic boycott after an Arizona immigration law was passed that would encourage racial profiling.

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