Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reyes, Community Groups Fight for Families, Seniors and Students

Stop the Cuts!, an alliance of community organizations, gathered in front of City Hall today to urge California lawmakers to halt nearly $950 million in “Trigger” cuts to health, education and disability programs.

Councilmember Reyes says it is unjust for teachers, elderly, disabled individuals and low-income families to bear the brunt of these depleted health and education services. He calls for individuals to take action.

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer and Director of Finance Mike Genest are charged with identifying by April 1 whether California will receive at least $10 billion from the federal stimulus package approved last month.

If that determination is made, it will trigger the elimination of critical services for Los Angeles' most underserved residents including low-income families, seniors, people with disabilities and millions of taxpayers. Cuts impacted include dental and other Medi-Cal benefits, cutting public hospitals, SSI/SSP, IHSS, and CalWORKS and money for higher education.

For more information, or to comment on the trigger cuts, visit the State Treasurer's website at: