Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 Census: It's In Our Hands

The future of our communities is in your hands

Make sure your family, your friends and neighbors are counted when the 2010 Census questionnaires are mailed to households in mid-March. I encourage you to share this brief video in which I discuss the importance of the Census.

Census data defines our voice in Congress. It helps determine how federal dollars are spent on schools, hospitals, child care, roads, senior citizen centers and other services. Businesses use census data to locate supermarkets, shopping centers, new housing and other facilities.

The City of Los Angeles lost more than $200 million in federal funds from the last census.

That's why it is extremely important that you fill out and mail back the census questionnaires. It should take about 10 minutes to answer 10 questions. Remember to include everyone in your household. Strict confidentiality laws protect your personal data in the completed census forms from being shared with law enforcement, immigration or other agencies.

Talk to your family, friends and neighbors. Talk with your coworkers, clients, and even strangers. Make the Census the talk of the town.

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