Thursday, October 02, 2008

Reyes, Community Join Governor at Taylor Yard for Historic Bill Signing

Rio de Los Angeles State Park, known to many of us affectionately as Taylor Yard, is an excellent example of how green space can revitalize communities.

Today, I joined here with community groups, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Assemblymembers Kevin de Leon and Anna Caballero and State Parks Director Ruth Coleman in a historic bill signing.

The bills, AB 31 and AB 2494, help secure significant funds to renew park communities in California, especially those in Los Angeles, which has some of the most park poor areas in the nation.
AB 31 (De Leon) will provide $400 million from Proposition 84 for new parks directed to those communities most in need.

AB 2494 (Caballero) will help renew park-poor communities that lack affordable housing. It rewards local governments that meet affordable housing goals with $200 million from Proposition 1C to build parks and recreation facilities.

I thank the following, who particpated in the Governor's bill-signing, for their support: City Dept. of Recreation and Parks, ANAHUAK soccer, Northeast Trees, Clean and Green, Los Angeles Conservation Corps, El Centro de Pueblo, Central City Action Committee, greater Cypress Park Neighborhood Council, Friends of Cypress Park Community Improvement Association, Glassell Park Improvement Association, Mt. Washington Homeowners Alliance, Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council.